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European: Thunderhorn (PvE)
Welcome to our guild site.

Archetype is a guild made for a simple purpose: excel in all the 10 man raiding content World of Warcraft has to offer come Cataclysm. It is formed by ex-Nefarious members strengthened by the core of Wasted. Our raid philosophy is simple: conquer all raiding content effectively, but don't forget to have fun while at it!

Hence our raiding team is pretty tight, no more than 15 people. We know each other, our play style and mentality, we share the same goals and this results in a strong raiding force ready to face any challenge. 

We are not the typical "hardcore" raiding guild, never will be. Our raiding scedule consists of 3 days per week . We all share the belief that when it comes to raiding what matters is quality, not quantity. Therefore, while our raiding hours are few we strive to make the most out of them indeed.

Stay tuned for the latest guild achievements and welcome to a new era of 10 man raiding, the era of Archetype!
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Archetype is currently not recruiting.
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Spine of Deathwing!

Anï, Dec 13, 11 6:43 PM.
A kill done with slightly unconventional methods, but it worked! Madness here we come :>

Warmaster Blackhorn

Anï, Dec 6, 11 6:00 PM.
After a few wipes at like 1%, we got it down :> Very nice peeps! Thats 6/8 the first week of raiding in 4.3. Lets keep it up!

Ultraxion Kill!

Anï, Dec 5, 11 6:27 PM.
Took a bit of wiggling around with tactics and it was a close call, but we got it! Anything you can loot from, right? ^^

First night of Dragon Soul

Anï, Dec 2, 11 6:45 AM.
Really good job everyone, 4/8 first night of practice with really nicely perfected tactics! Lets keep up the good work on Mon/Tue :D

Ragnaros down, Firelands Normal Fully cleared!!

Driivas!, Sep 7, 11 9:53 AM.
So after alot of stuff happening, people going on vacation, roster changes, fails, it finally went down. It could have gone down even faster but given our 3 raids/week schedule it went fine anyway.

Grats for an awesome kill, definately among the most epic kills for me in my WoW career, probably right after Illidan kill :)

Let's rock some heroics now Archetype!

Here's the video of the first kill btw, cheers to our director Ethros. Beech has also frapsed so as soon as he edits it, it's gonna go up as well and we can vote for the best director so stay tuned! :p

Majordomo Down, 6/7 cleared, bring on Ragnaros!

Driivas!, Jul 26, 11 9:40 AM.
A bit overdue but the pic got lost with my pc needing format :(

So instead here's a video of our second kill, cheers to our director Ethros!

Alysrazor down, 5/7 done in normal Firelands!

Driivas!, Jul 19, 11 12:47 PM.
What an awesome fight. There's no room for error, especially in 10 man (there i said it!). Who doesn't like demanding fights!

Good job for a perfect execution, well done Archetype!

Alysrazor kill

2 more bite the dust!

Driivas!, Jul 19, 11 12:45 PM.
Second reset in Firelands, brought us 2 more kills these of Rhyolith and Baleroc. Both interesting fights, at least we managed to get Rhyolith before the full cascade of unnecessary nerfs!

Here are some polaroids:

Baleroc Kill


Lord Rhyolith

Firelands progress 2/7 normal

Driivas!, Jul 8, 11 1:50 PM.
We had our first peek this reset at the brand new Firelands raid. Visually i dare say it's pretty spectacular, we slacked a bit so we only got 2 bosses down so far, but the rest are to follow soon.

Here are some pics, let's get the rest Archetype!

Shannox the Huntard

Beth'tilac the spiderpig

Magmaw Heroic killed!

Driivas!, Jun 28, 11 6:13 AM.
Just before this tier ended, we wanted to wrap it up in a high note, which we did! After some nights of wiping till we found a tactic that favoured our setup, we managed to kill Magmaw heroic bringing Archetyp'es kill count to 5/13 heroic bosses killed. Considering everything that Archetype has gone through roster wise, i think the result is something we should be proud off. Getting ready to venture in Firelands full strength and do even better, here's the footage from killing Magmaw heroic :)

<bgsound src="*UD8rj4ZEriWTZ9mNTtX6tvq6AChPpkz8xiIA4pAXiiDPjmFTMj0RO2p9A5-/08TheHostofSeraphim.mp3" loop="-1"></bgsound>
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